CONCLUSION: as the lite version of the TZ70 it will have to do. for the price of the features accented on this camera makes it a great workhorse for all kinds of different shit. why? because it is quick on the set up, fast autofocus and release, a relatively useful zoom in a not so insanely long that you can’t get any light through the lens or hold it still for a focused image.

stills with moderate action and movement produces sharp images. crisp contrasts and vibrant colors come through. you can get funky with the 24 mm super wide lens. the 180 degree flip screen allows for shooting low angles without breaking your neck. and its great for hairbrush selfies. yay! lol! we want moar!!
if used under normal conditions this camera shines. a practically priced camera that is practical for many situations. 16 megapixels allows you to count the hair on your chin and the 1/2.3 inch sensor is big enough for printing posters if you ever make it out of your basement sniping your neighbors through your blog! hahahaha! that being said, this is a great tool for VLOGGING. the wifi function allows you to directly upload pix and vids or transfer it onto your phone or ipad for a quick post. if you still can’t get your fix, the metal front and rubberized grip make the camera feel expensive even though it is not. you are basically paying for zoom capability, wifi pic sharing and remote zoom and shooting, and lastly but highly underrated, the flip screen if you compare with other cameras with the same pixels. full hd video without 60p is anticlimactic at best. i’ll wait for 4G to get cheaper. coz this is GHETTO CAM REVIEWS! PEACE!


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