UNBOXING WAS A FLASH. QUICKER THAN I COULD TAKE A VIDEO. LMAO! so all you have to contend with are post unboxing shots from my ipad mini.

the best feature i thought on this camera aside from the snappy processor lumix are underrated for that allows shooting from the hip, is the wifi remote function. it lasts about as long as your smartphone or ipad battery holds out. the fact that there’s no remote video, you are pretty much on surveillance mode. great for unobtrusive wild life photography. or obtrusive when stalking counts. lol!

the light meter can switch on you when the light is at a weird angle and its locked on a bright background. it will darken the foreground and leave you underexposed. i haven’t found the af-lock button so i could just drag the focus area to the subject wherever it might be in the frame. and not just in the center. yuk! on the other hand the continuous focus on the video is fast enough if it doesn’t get twisted up by rounded objects. it had a hard time witha bottle at zoom macro. it just could get the data to lock on a gestalt solidly. the subject focus tracking feature is also dope for squirly subjects. lmao!


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