fuck off! if you think stalking is now socially acceptable then smile for me when i take a picture of your ass. street photography is about dicking around with your camera outdoors publicly and candidly. is the social stress candid on this guy? it’s a fucking saturday for cryin out loud.

wannabe prophotographer know it all got you down with grainy pixelated photos because you don’t have the latest super zoom with 40 million thousand megapixels? why not put the pixels in the pic? it can be a tool just like anything else. it’s just a perspective thing. besides you need only a fraction of what compact cameras offer pixel density wise for web use. grainy pics can result from high iso settings. on film where the concept of iso comes from, a high iso film photos will look grainy blurry. digitally, where it iso is a different beast altogether, it looks grainy pixelated.

the pixel conundrum is for industries to stretch out their profits. kinda like they have the tech already for lasting rubber tires but they won’t put it out in the market. c’mon apple, give us the alien technology already! LMAO @ corporations!


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