ghetto lyfe is more like it. hahaha!
1. pick expressionist on the creative blah bla menu for the lumix. nikon calls it saturation. either way find a way to make the colors come out more.
2. then choose one point color aimagend drag the prompt to the color or subject. this is a ton of work in photoshop scrubbing out lines which allows you more colors surrounded by 50 shades of grey. the gestalt sensor is keen enough on the cams photo editing program to lock on the color’s boundaries, but it only chooses one. also it will include those in the boket area. or is that boquet. lol! no fuckin idea.

3. push the high key button and lighten up the greys.
note: 24 mm superwide zooms plays with the angle of perspective. try different positions. up high. down low. pull the corners and watch small things get big and big things get small. the advantage of curved bulbous lenses. extreme distortion. lol!


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