superwide angle lenses and fisheye are apples and oranges

creativity and fun are the reasons we get a superwide angle and fisheye lens. a 24mm full frame superwide does more than fullfill an interior decorators dream. yes it can fit in entire rooms in the viewfinder but far away objects look really far away and converging foreground lines get exagerrated that it falls out of funtionality for architecture that requires buildings to look like buildings and not like a teepee. thats why i love ’em. if you’re an architect, a tilt lens that flattens out the angles might be more useful. tilt lens are also the lenses used to make miniature toy effects.
fisheye lenses do the same thing by making things in the foreground look really close. at the same time, it will make the background look really far away. the difference between the two is the lines. lines through a fisheye curve. lines through a superwide stay straight. lots of distortion that you can play with. you can make small objects for example in the foreground look oversized compared to the back or you can make them look the same size. in fact you have to play around with it to get the desired effect or you can surprise yourself. you can pull those angles up, down, towards you, away from you, sideways, or diagonally. remember to not get afraid with getting up to the lens. these lenses causes more accidents and catastrophies than any other lenses. especially action shots that requires you to get up close like skateboarding. the closer you are to the board during a trick the more tweaked out it looks.
fisheye and superwide lenses are not cheap. but today you got alternatives for a lot less and it can all fit in your pocket. 24 mm superwide angle now comes in most compact cameras. you can get fisheye lenses for iphones which are great but do have their limitations such as speed that requires a larger aperture to let more light in during low light conditions. but who cares. are you doing product shots? you probably have an entire portable studio lighting set. lol! this is street photography!


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