who doesnt enjoy a nice sunset sky with brilliant colors and sometimes telling formations. theres been enough times where i saw different faces, shapes in negative and positive. clouds looking like mountains and the blue sky through it like the reflection on a lake.
could it be that clouds reflect our thoughts from the ground and appear at a different time schedule? of course other factors aside such as weather engineering and twitter. lol! they are made of water molecules and act like a mirror. because it occurs in the dimension of thought formations manifest themselves as symbols and image and not necessarily of matter. its kinda like being in the realm of the 2nd dimension. where material manifestations of the spirit though independent of one another and seemingly unconnected, is grouped as an aggregate or a unit. the observer then becomes at the center of consciousness solely from perspective. as an operator, you can interact with this dimension and yield material effects. we’re all capable of this.
take a look at the picture for example, doesnt it look like casper the friendly ghost is eating ass? bwahhahahahaha!


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