on behalf of the black economy and any motherfucker who ever got a letter, subpoena, time and a fine for copyright infringement and not just some virtual youtube bullshit, here is WHAT THEY DO. you see, international industry standard (norms, iso 9001) is when they steal your industry and make an international enterprise out of it. they’re the biggest pirates with laws written to protect their asses. here are examples of different methods legal and illegal that those who hold the laws with their copyright lawyers are enforcing.

everyone remembers DIAMOND BACK bmx back in the day with eddie king. or how about FISHER MOUNTAINBIKES who had to change his bike companys name to gary fisher. not because of a copyright infringement but because IT WAS BOUGHT BY A HOLDING COMPANY. and then you go to germany and find an existing bike company named FISCHER. wtf kind of incestuous shit is this? lmao! the same thing happened to diamond back. its a grab at mass sales and running the company to shit not to mention the dudes names who put together the shit. they unfortunately fell under the rule of steel mafia who had its humble farm beginnings all the way to CORPORATE AMERICA. see TRUE TEMPER co. you get compromised by falling dependent to industries within industries until their rich rothschild ass hiding under the holding company name front buys the shit and owns your ass and your work. fucking fascist corporate socialist bitches that they are.
here’s another one, remember the BUDWEISER ANHAUSER BUSCH scandal in the 90s when the chzechoslovakian beer sued their ass for being copy cats. with corporate espionage and time travel tech you can only imagine how widespread corporate socialist crimes are. you just gotta see past the smoke screen.
never forget that it is a jury of their peers and not yours. fuck corporate and copyright and trademark lawyers. they are the biggest THIEVES OF FOLK INVENTIONS! nothin wrong with making money but it should be the people who came up with the shit getting rich and not the kind of ridiculous kind of getting filthy never enough rich and own your ass manufacturers and suppliers. worst is when you dont have anything to do with it but your ideas are being stolen by someone else and theyre making millions of it. see ealier posts on CORPORATE ESPIONAGE.



not exactly but a military satellite exploded while it was passing over the electromagnetic field of a storm. must be some kind of spin gyroscopic dynamo effect. but just because theres no signal does it mean its been cancelled or not there? how do they know it exploded. it could simply be an EMP effect but most definitely other forces are at work AND ARE not necessarily in the same relative frequency. NEWS FROM THE MILITARY IS CAREFULLY DISSEMINATED AND USUALLY SHARES THE SAME SOURCE. and then hackers came into the picture. hahahahaha!
its difficult to confirm these kinds of reports. but once in a while you see a fireball in the sky and it leaves you wondering what the fuck was that? right? they cant just give out info out coz they know there are treasure hunters out there lookin for souvenirs. thing is, theres all kinds of shit floating in space and that includes microrganisms. imagine, these microorganisms have survived being locked in by gravity. they are free and there are many. you just cant see them. it needs a quarantine. today theres not much intra national secrecy when it comes to space shit; a crisis management with limited outgoing channels.
military satellite=corporate espionage